What does it mean to be human?
We live within these confines that we do not realize that society dictates everything around us, including the moral standard that we live in. We have dehumanized our intrinsic purpose and destiny until it has been eliminated out of our very existence. We do not even realize that it has been washed away from our conscious and subconscious mind and that we have succumbed to humanity’s God-like dictatorship over us.

Of course, many of us think that we follow a moral standard that gives us meaning and salvation. Unfortunately, we have never questioned the in-depth meanings of these teachings and ‘rules and regulation’ in leading a productive life and offer our inner beings the peace and hope we so desire in our lives. There are world views that stimulate our sense of tranquility and ‘zen’ and fool us into believing that living a life within those boundaries will ultimately give reason to our creation, purpose, meaning, and destiny. Nevertheless, in reality, these methods only dull our senses to the realities of the world around us, ultimately decaying our inner souls, while we fool ourselves into believing that their calm, tranquil lives will ultimately provide fulfillment in our existence. We allow yourselves to be fooled into sensational and misleading beliefs that cloud our sense of reality around us. World beliefs that continuously provide avenues into believing that our indiscretions and immoral lifestyles can ultimately allow us penance or forgiveness by their own subjective transcendent moral belief, that ultimately fulfills whatever requirement their ‘man-made’ moral standards dictates. It can be accomplished and thus gives us our salvation.

What that salvation results in seems to have a definite point of reference to a transcendent divine power. However, unfortunately, man translates these transcendent moral standards that must be follow with strict obedience. Therefore many people accept these teachings without question without really knowing what it is based on and from what the actual source is. However, again, when we disguise our misdeeds by providing modes of penance, we soothe our weary hearts—thinking that we are on the right track to salvation.

Interestingly enough, we have world views that are so closely related that it may seem that man had conveniently taken their basic fundamental values from each of their beliefs and concocted their concepts of Creation, Purpose, Meaning, and Destiny. If we select the three most closely related world views whose influences worldwide in the modern world has dictated world views, politics, laws, and every facet of humanity, that it is a wonder that humanity has not ended up destroying everything, is a miracle in itself. When we look at the youngest of the major religions is an evident assembly of beliefs from the earlier two, added with convenient guidelines that seem to benefit the provider himself. The earlier two are based on a continuing revelation but unfortunately have caused rifts based on which of the two represents humanity’s final revelations. While the earlier seems to await for a savior and the latter celebrates their savior’s arrival and departure and awaiting his final return. Which strangely the latest of the three concurs. Moreover, all three agree on the judgment that shall prevail against all humanity.

The only way humanity can come to terms with itself is to take the time and study and understand the evidence that exists and understand its relationship with us. Let us put the overzealous philosophers and the broad-minded theological experts’ interpretations aside as well as the proposed scientific declarations by ‘learner-ed’ individuals, and every one of us looks at the evidence that exists by ourselves. Not having to adhere to what everyone tells us, but apply our logic and simple deductions based on the evidence, to conclude ourselves.

If we are seriously determined to seek a moral absolute, then it is within our powers to find out ourselves. Put aside all influences we have concerning other world beliefs that have so far misguided our attempts in finding peace within yourselves. Only when we have the genuine desire to seek the truth will the truth be revealed. It starts with us. Do not be influenced by what people say, which will then put us at a disadvantage. Do not let outside fears distract our goals. Once we have set for ourself a mindset determined for the truth, then ultimately we find the truth

What are the criteria that should be established?
If we answer these questions, then we are moving along the right path.
Unless these critical questions are answered, no matter how we try to establish anything else, it will be no avail. We need to establish our position within the global picture. Why are we apart of it? What are the reasons we are apart of it? When did we become apart of it? Who made us a part of it?

These questions lead to the foundation or critical question quintessentially the most important question of all—the Creation story. We must look at all evidence related to the creation story. Includes all Scientific, Philosophical, Theological, Naturalist, Atheist, Theist, and religious arguments

To believe the most influential thesis that tries to debunk the transcendent viewpoint is science itself. Nevertheless, in reality, sciences have cornered themselves into their foundation proclamation that creation began outside the spectrum of what our reality can prove. Quantum physics proclaims events outside any acceptance of logic and says that creation started from nothing. I could have saved them hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars and asked them just to read the Bible, Genesis chapter one, verse one. GEN 1:1, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth or the Holy Quaran Chapter (7) Surat a-l ‘ raf (The Heights) verse 54: that God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, or even the Jewish Torah – In the beginning, the Lord created the heavens and the earth (Beresheit 1:1). At least they all agree on that point.

If modern-day science cannot explain the actual moment of creation and expects us to accept that it ‘just’ happened out of nothing, then why would believing that there was a force or entity outside our realm of comprehension that initiated creation so challenging to accept. At least we see a consensus on an acceptable logic. To use the term logic now, but as we further expand our knowledge, we will see further evidence that will support such an existence outside the realm of man.

It is the autonomous and arrogant attitude of humanity to expel any submission to anything outside their authority of control—an inherited trait since creation. We deny any subservient role to any higher entity than ourselves. Some say it what does make us unique, but it also makes us arrogant, belligerent, unwavering, stubborn and on and on. If being unique makes us all the rest then maybe it is time that we realize that we are not unique but made unique in the image and likeness of something perfect in its existence. Wouldn’t it be nice to be associated with something perfect then for us to proclaimed it? Wouldn’t it add more worth to who we are?

There is no position to proclaim any judgement on our fellow brothers and sisters for anyone too will be judged. We can only present a position for a present a case for all of us who are looking for answers before it is too late. When science itself knowingly acknowledges the improbability of anything coherent within our reality to explain the creation process logically, but conveniently and cleverly exerts its authority by proclaiming that they are in the position to provide proof without evidence. They provide scientific explanations that are seemingly made up of formulas and theories and expect all of us to accept it because they claim authority over the evidence and does not need to be proven.

When we start looking at our planet and start calculating the probability of any life to have started, would be compounding the unimaginable, incomprehensible, astronomical probabilities that would have occurred, when scientist compares the probabilities of creation to a super tornado tearing through a junkyard and leaving behind a fully functioning Boeing 747. When one starts to realize how much we try to explain creation within the human context, the less probable it becomes.

Here is the first short essay on the question of ‘Man’. In the next article, will dwell on some of the ideas proposed by science and we will examine them and try to look at their arguments they have given. We need to examine their evidence and see how it ultimately fits within the spectrum of our existence.

Until the next article, take time and look at yourselves carefully. Not physically but look deep within our souls and start asking yourselves those questions that we had proposed earlier. Please keep an open mind and do not let our current beliefs influence us. Alternatively, maybe if we are genuinely seeking answers, then maybe our current beliefs cannot answer them, and we are already on the path searching for answers. Let us look for them together. Feel free to post questions and maybe our thoughts in the comment section.

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