We look for escapes from the absolutes. We deceive ourselves into denying that our existence is more than the reality we live in.

We continue to test the limits of our defiance and push the boundaries of our mortal existence. Look around you and see the threads of our civilization disappear and replaced by our arrogant self proclaimation of becoming autonomous and free from accountability.

There are those who use religious world views to influence the weak and desperate individuals who seek answers. We provide them with our doctrines of fantatism and domination. Who do you think gains spiritually when you actually dominate? You sacrifice your soul for who? Dead leaders whose only existence was surrounded by the same subjugation and rule over weak, desperate people.

No matter how you define yourself, you must look at yourself from within and ask yourself what it is that defines ‘you’. Isn’t freedom and respect what you seek. Freedom within borders that separate us from the oblivion of chaos. We look at freedom to have a purpose that keeps us within the boundaries of a objective moral foundation. Your purpose in life allows you the maturity to respect others and the same desire that others respect you in return

But we are too immature to realize our depravity. We create avenues to glorify ourselves. We diverge from the truth by creating alternate beliefs to personify our defiance to God.

The truth has been shown but you deny the truth. You believe in lies given by people who only want your allegiance.

Are you innocent? Are you free from judgement? Do you believe your innocence exonerates you! Ask yourself if your innocence is based on whose definition. You are only deceiving yourself from the reality of your condemnation. No amount of righteous works or good works will save you. Ask yourself if the reality of what you believe is transcendent or just written by your own. The very same people who subjugate you into blind submission.

If you seek the truth then seek it yourself. Read, learn and understand the reality that is there. Open your hardened hearts and listen to the whispers of your heart. Let your heart and soul seek the divine. He has come and has laid the path for you. All you need to do is to listen to your heart, pick up your burdens and lean on him.

For he sent you the light to bury the darkness
For he sent you the way to walk the direction.
For he sent you the truth to bury all lies.

For he gave you his Son, to save your soul.

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