Fearless in the Unknown

When God made His covenant with Israel regarding the Promised Land, He originally promised them 300,000 square miles of land. When Israel finally went in and started conquering, they quit at about 3,000 square miles. They only took possession of around 10% of what God had promised them. Even to this day, they still don’t have all the land that God promised them. One day, they will have all of it.

When it comes to the things that God has in store, I think that Christians only take possession of 10%. Sometimes we might think that God wants us to be rich. Do not assume that God’s blessings are going to be financial blessings. God wants us to be rich, but that wealth might not be money. In fact, sometimes money can be the worst thing for us.

God will give you something far better than money. He might give us peace, contentment, or the ability to minister to people who are hurting. He’s going to do those things for us, and that is the far greater blessing than any financial thing that God can do for us.

God is never going to hold back. He wants to give us a lot – don’t be satisfied with the 10%.

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