Do you ever feel abandoned? Do you ever feel like no one is sticking with you? Well, you are wrong, because you have not been abandoned, as seen in today’s verse.

A hungry tiger once caught a fox and was about to make a meal out of him when the fox spoke up. “Do not eat me, good tiger, for I am the most feared creature in the jungle.”

The tiger did not believe it, so the fox said that in order to prove it, he would walk through the jungle in front of the tiger, and all the animals would flee from him. Sure enough, as the fox strode down the jungle path, animals fled in terror. Of course, they were fleeing from the presence of the tiger, not the lowly fox. 

If we as believers love the Lord and walk with Him, as we walk, Almighty God is right behind us. Is there an obstacle that seems insurmountable? Has the new year gotten off to a bad start? We have a God of all power and might Who is backing us up, and He is not going to hold back anything.

We need people who are strong and courageous, who are not afraid and are willing to go forward for our Lord. He has everything for us, all we need to do is trust Him and allow Him to work in our lives.

Do you trust God, by faith alone, for your salvation? Jesus died on the cross, was buried, and rose again to pay our sin debt. If we can trust Him for salvation, we can trust Him to help with everyday problems, including the obstacles that look too large. No obstacle is too small or great for God to handle. Will we trust Him today?

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