Word of Mortals vs God Himself.

It is a great question and I agree that there is a lot of debate on this topic. Scholars and theologians scrutinize and put every word and sentence under a microscope with a pretext to find something wrong. This is why the Bible contains the most debated and scrutinized set of documents in living history. Which provides authenticity to its origin and message. 

They are many factors that will cause these ambiguities and questions to its authorship but it does not take away the content and context of the message. Like Martin also outlined these messages are then refined and written to meet the audience it was intended for. I am sure if we were writing to an American audience and used Nasi Lemak as an example. Nobody would have a clue to what we were talking about. The content would have to meet the context of the listening audience and an American audience would definitely understand McDonald’s. Just a simple and silly example.

I believe that no matter how much emphasis is placed on authorship the reality of the overall message matters most. The Gospels are a testament to this reality in our faith, that Jesus is real and He was documented and He died on the cross. There is no speculation or misguided truths to this reality. It is what Jesus said, did and proclaimed that is the true essence and foundation of our faith.

Paul, Peter James etc and whoever else are mortals called to document and inspire the early church. It is by their works and writings we look for guidance. But the real truth and guidance is embedded in the Truth and narrated in John 14:6 – I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through me. As Christians, all that is written is inspired by God but all that Jesus spoke is God and as we look at the New Testament we will see a direct link between the Gospels and the other books. As those called to proclaim Jesus was inspired and witness to Jesus. 

I believe that if we seek the truth and seek answers, God will reveal and continue to reveal Himself today. Whether it is written by the authors of the Bible or through our life experiences. 

It is the story in each and every one of us today. God is continually revealing Himself to us and if continue to seek Him, He will continue to reveal our paths

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