Have Strong Foundations 

Those who responded to Peter’s message were filled with God’s Holy Spirit. The first evidence of the Holy Spirit in their lives was their devotion to the apostles’ teaching. This was certainly not a spectacular, ecstatic outburst of emotions, but a quiet commitment to hear God’s word, (Luke 24: 44-45). There’s no substitute for being a student of the Word. 

The second function that helped build strong foundations was the fellowship in the breaking of bread. When the early church gathered, the breaking of bread, or communion, was in the context of a full-fledged meal. The long, stretched out meal was an opportune time to reflect and remind one another about his life, death, burial, resurrection, and his imminent return. 

Take time to meet with others who love Christ and remind one another about the living Christ.

The third function that builds strong foundations is prayer, which includes worship, praise, thanksgiving, and petitions. It involves listening to God. Let prayer be that constant, online conversation, even while you go about different tasks. 

The word devotion implies consistent or intense effort despite difficulty. Here we see it involved effort and initiative from the people themselves. A sure way to build strong foundations and to withstand the storms of life is to be grounded in His Word, to be closely knit in community, and to be fervent in prayer.


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