As Christians, we are challenged in a world that seeks autonomy and detachment from any accountability. Humanity continues to repeat the sin of Eden in our pursuit to become gods ourselves. From our workplace, social life, business and even our family life we face these challenges, of keeping our spirituality within the principles and boundaries of a Christian life. However, we do not shy away from these challenges and face them head-long, for it is through us that the light of Christ shines forth for all the world to witness

However, what happens when disruption happens in our midst and uncertainties and questions arise to the faithfulness and spirituality of our brethren in Christ. As Christians, the same principles that bound us as Christ followers to the rest of the world, bounds us in the midst of our turmoils.

Ask ourselves whether our views and opinions are anchored in the Absolutes of God. He gave us so much in His Word, for the Word is God breathed and is useful to teach, rebuke, comment and train in the way Righteousness (2 TIM 3:16). There are so many narratives in scripture that calls us to seek our reasoning in God. In doing so find peace and comfort in our turmoil.

We must look within ourselves and seek reasoning in God and His Absolutes or ask yourselves if you are willing to become the breeding ground for the devil, that cast doubt in our faith. “For we are prisoners for the Lord, and I urge you to walk in a manner to the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (EPH 4: 1-3).

It is not easy, because we are dealing with our presuppositions to what is right and wrong. There is only one right way which is in the Absolutes of God. As Paul said, “Be Angry.” But never allow our anger to fester as it becomes the breeding ground for the devil to sow sin within us and tearing the heart of our church. (EPH 4: 26-27)

We are embarking into a new global era, which our Lord has predestined for us, and preparing and fine tuning our objective focus on Him. He reduced the reality of the world within the confines of our senses to allow us to refocus our life in Him. Not of our desires and wants, not by what the world dictates or the subjective nature of the influences on our spirituality.

To confined us to Seek God and to Anchor our Objectivity in His Absolutes.

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