Persevering in Pain

“Those with the capacity to feel great pain are also those with the capacity to feel deep joy!” 

I heard this great response once when asked “Why do you cry so much?” The response was profound: “Same reason I laugh so much….because I’m PAYING attention!”

The more you know yourself and your ability to truly and deeply enter in into someone’s world, you run the risk of greater pain. But chances are you can experience great joy too, rather than just a bit of joy or a little bit of excitement. Instead of being numb to the world or rarely experiencing pain that impacts you, You FULLY FEEL.  You may be saying “Yeah, but why does it hurt so much to fully feel?” to which I respond, because you really care! 

It may be hard for you to go throughout the day thinking your actions don’t impact others or being aloof to others temperaments and feelings, unlike some people.  While we’re not supposed to be a doormat for others, it’s unique to find someone who can come alongside another who’s hurting and really jump in to walk beside them in life. But when given the gift of discernment and the ability to walk alongside someone in need, count it a blessing! Chances are your experiences will allow you to empathize on greater levels too.  You will probably also have a friend or two that will come alongside you, right when you need it. AND the cool part, I bet you’ll have a glorious time celebrating with loved ones when you can truly deeply celebrate and experience JOY with them too!

If you need it today, know you have a friend in Jesus. He will comfort you in your sorrows and be by your side when you’re crushed in spirit. He will also work ALL things together for good and He promises to provide a hope and a future!

Hang on dear one. Those who fall hard, RISE GLORIOUSLY!

Press in! He who began the good work promises to carry it on to completion!


Is there someone or something that you’ve endured that has hurt you deeper than what seems you should have been hurt?  Take a moment to process it before the Lord and then let him provide comfort.

When was the last time you laughed till your side hurt from laughing?  I’ll bet you weren’t by yourself; you were probably surrounded by people you really feel great around, right? Spend some time thanking God for your ability to experience emotions and really be present.   


Lord, thank you for the ability to really feel emotions of highs and lows.  Not everyone is able to tap into their heart to process how they feel.  Lord right now, I need you to carry my heart as I trust in you to not only provide rescue but to heal it. I admit I hate feeling hurt; but I know you promise to draw near and right now I need your loving presence to soothe my aching heart.  I believe you have a hope and a future like it says in your word, so help me to trust this process and you as you take care of my heart from here.  Lord give me moments of relief. Help me to see you in the process and help me to look to you as my comforter and strength.  Also thank you for those moments of Joy, I know I have experienced before. Thank you for laughter. Thank you for tears.  Thank you for being present in it all and please heal my heart as I lean into you and trust you to comfort me now.  In Jesus name. Amen 

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