Renewed in Spirit – Psalm 51:10

 “O God, create a clean heart within me.” renew a right spirit within me (Psa 51:10).

How easy it is when we feel guilty to have a wrong spirit, a wrong attitude towards the saints of God, and towards God Himself. Because I am feeling guilty, I start sort of closing myself in, and my spirit gets wrong. But renew a right spirit within me.

David knew that even when we assume we are doing right, his conscious bothered him. He could only find comfort in confessing himself in whole to the Lord. He sought God at all times knowing full well of his mortal weakness. It is only in God where he found his compass and he never assumed himself righteous.

In his adulterous actions and confronted by the prophet Nathan, David sought the Lord.

We are all sinners and we don’t have to hide from that reality. We lust and seek material wealth and strive for recognition in our ways. That is the objective nature of humanity, which we justify with reasons that only please our desires. Then there are those who have mastered the art of zero accountability in all their actions. They have become numb to emotions except those which please their immoral natures.

David knew and was prey to his own lust. He sought the Lord in forgiveness and submission to his weak nature. He sought strength and perseverance to walk righteously. He accounted himself to his Lord God.

How many of us seek to satisfy our ways. Even with those who disagree with you. We ridicule and offer hate in return. Some act and hurt and propagate actions which they justify within their reasoning.

David knew and so should we. We are only righteous in the eyes of God when we seek him. He enpowers us with a conscience that eats away at our spirit and soul.

Seek the Lord God and he will bring you forth, cleansed and recharged with His Spirit. God forgives and helps up upright.

God himself took on our sins and gave us a new start. We continue to sin but seek Him and He will bring you forth again.

God Bless.


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