Understanding the Signs

Logic dictates that humanity would be able to see the revelation in Jesus Christ. However, humanity has sought to detach itself from any accountability towards any divine point of reference. Worldviews that have developed over the millennium has been a stark reality to man exercising their free choice to independently develop worldviews, which have been based on subjective views—independence dictated by views governed by philosophical ideologies that seek independence from the Truth. Philosophy has been the driving force of spiritual detachment from God. Humanity desire to seek to understand the cosmos within a subjective reasoning process, void of God. Apart from the three major worldviews, every religious belief is grounded in a psychological framework, set within subjective views generated from mystical, legendary and hypothetical—worldviews designed within views that mould and adapt within individualistic pluralistic desire.

The human mind and ability to push all boundaries of our existence have expanded into realms that have blinded our understanding of who we are, why we are and what we are. The sciences underlined our need to explain our discourse against any theistic existence have been fed by philosophical thought and explanations. The need to understand our inner self and the driving force that motivates individuality is pinned against some critical facts – like our emotions, choices, morals and reasoning. Philosophy is the study of humanity beyond the materialistic existence but into the deep recesses of our mind. Greeks sought and formulated concepts and ideologies that have led to a frantic intellectual search to understand the human mind. Today, the subject of philosophy is categorized within a quagmire of sophisticated terminologies and themes. These are lead back to the fundamental need to understand the human mind within the facts stated earlier

The early church looked towards the influences of secular thought as a challenge to the theistic belief in a divine existence, and early church scholars sought to meet the challenge of the secular world. As Platonism, Aristotelianism, and more secular scholars sought to prove existence void of any external being, Church scholars like Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Martin Luther confronted the onslaught of philosophical biases. Their faith was grounded in the apostolic call in 1Peter 3:15 – 15 but in your hearts honour Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defence to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and respect. 

Over time the field of Christian Philosophy and secular thought grew and engulfed the ministries of evangelism and apologetics. The church was ready to offer a defence against secular challenges. However, this challenge falls short of the advantages of philosophy. As Christians, we are well aware of God’s sovereignty over His creation. Everything that exists in our reality has been predestined by His hand. God gave us the Bible to reveal Himself and His character and our broken state in His creation. We exist because He called it into existence and what continues to flourish is by His will; is Philosophy the key to dismantling God’s existence, or is it the means and way to reveal the true nature of humanity that we have failed to see in His Word.

Reading through these chapters has revealed that there is indeed a fine line between allowing secular thought to intertwine into an individuals theology. Unless we are aware of its failure by progressively allowing secular thought to overtake divine revelation, which is ultimately the Word of God that brings answers to the logical applications of humanity attempt to seek answers void of divine presence. However, to avoid it is to allow these views to dilute the very essence of our society’s moral foundations and ethical standings, as we see clearly in many parts of the world today. The very foundation of a civilized society is bound within the moral boundaries in God’s absolutes.

This may not be a summary of what I read, but it is a revelation of the value of what I read. I point to our need to answer everything society advances against a Creator, which is defined as ‘without cause’. We seek to evaluate the metaphysics within a cause and effect evaluation which is a fallacy since the argument against a God cannot be bound within these precepts since God Himself is without cause. He is the infinite being that exists out of this reality, out of our very perceptions of time, space and matter

For it is God Himself that brought it into existence in Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning(TIME), God created the Heavens (SPACE), and the earth (MATTER)



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