ROMANS 15:13

As the days ahead foreshadow a bleak future, we are caught in the shadows of turmoil that has preceded itself to the revelation of humanity inward spiral of moral and ethical values.

People become statistics and life loses its value in the pursuit of self determined righteousness. As nations subdue nations, we the people are never entrusted by the Truths, which are apart of the shadowy hidden corners of a world of select individuals who seek to pave out their goals at the expense of the human race.

Whatever and whoever these people are, we Christians know their accountability will be their condemnation. We seek the power and grace of our sovereign God to shower his Holy Spirit onto those who are faced with utter fear and uncertainty to their future.

We the nation of our Lord Jesus Christ to be by their side to comfort and ensure their hearts are fixed not on this world filled with deceit and conniving people but on your Kingdom of peace and love, free of sin.

Let is all as a nation of God’s loving children, bow our heads in prayer for his power and glory to convict those who seek material and power to submit to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Whatever unfolds, we submit to our Lord God and his sovereign hand that for all who suffer are kept safe to your promise of your Kingdom

We ask this in the name of your beloved son, JESUS CHRIST. AMEN



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