Religious faith is not one isolated compartment of a person’s life – a compartment that we can take or leave as we wish. It is rather a dimension of life that colors or influences everything we do and believe. Worldviews. How thinking and religion are related.


If one is serious about getting somewhere in understanding the world and its nuances and trying to find answers to life questions; then we must first understand an individual’s worldview.
Everyone has one and it is what dictates his character and his subjective behaviour. Worldviews and their importance are key to understanding the subjective and objective views of others.


Join us as we begin a special series of different worldviews. We will explore how we as human beings are shaped and moulded within our worldview. Environment, upbringing and many existential influences have shaped the way we think, act and reason within our objectivity that affecting our moral, ethical and epistemological views. SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH OUR NEW WORLDVIEW SERIES.

Reliable Judgement of God

When we begin to reason and work in God’s way. He reminds us first of how long it took Him to get us where we are, and we realize His amazing patience and we learn to come on other lives from above. It is our Reliable judgement of God, which is anchored in God’s absolutes that drives us to His will.

Our Moral Foothold

Do you see how the deep questions lie? Everyone knows that dropping bombs kills people, but however we continue to do it, justified by smarter and intelligent weapons and when innocence succumbs, we avoid accountability and blame the bomb because it did not perform as was supposed to. Sooner or later killing will be acceptable for any greater good without any reasoning and effort to avoid it. We must never lose our Moral Foothold or we will be no better than the animals of the wild.