Our Discipline in the Shadow of His Dedication

How does a statement of our Lord fit in with our idea of sanctification? Sanctification must never be made synonymous with purification. How we Discipline in the Shadow of His Dedication to the Father is the benchmark for our life

Our Dependence on Christ

It is the discipline of a lifetime and we cannot do it all at once. We are absolutely dependent, and yet, strange to say, the last thing we learn spiritually is to make nothing of ourselves. Our Dependence on Christ changes who, what and why we are, which is for the glory of God.

The Mind of Christ

Are we capable to become like Christ? It begins in our minds. How we objectively anchor our lives in him and our very physical body transforms and our souls mould into the mirror of his life. Without the Spirit of God, we cannot envelop the Spirit of Christ. It begins through the Mind of Christ.

The Beauty of God

Beauty is a creation from God of which we can only see from our heart ‘through’ our eyes. Not ‘with’ but through it. It is only felt when we allow our senses to envelop it completely. For in all creation is created by God and appreciated only when our hearts and souls are united with our creator. We are witnesses to the wonder and glory of God and his Creation. We ourselves are part of that Creation. That is the Beauty of Go

Curiosity, Imitation and Emulation

Curiosity is the desire to come to full knowledge and understanding of a thing. Imitation is one of the first reactions of a child, it is not sinful, which leads us to the right knowledge of ourselves by imitating others. Emulation is the instinct to imitate what we see another doing. Unless we focus on Jesus Christ our attempts will all be in vain. Allow our Curiosity, Imitation and Emulation be directed in the direction that leads our spiritual path onward with Christ

Discernment in our Walk

The Atonement of our Lord never contradicts human reason, it contradicts the logic of human intellect that has never partaken of regeneration. Our discernment in our walk leads us to the regenerative power of the Holy Spirit. Any small contribution helps me bring His Word to many seeking answers.