What is Buddha’s realization?

We cannot claim truth when we cannot support it by a set of criterion. The last avenue of truth is from humanity themselves. We must seek a source far greater if we believe in a creator. Maybe the truth is in the Creator himself.


The Bible says the Law came by Moses, but grace came by Jesus. No one is ready for grace until the Law has first convicted them. That is God’s order, that is the Biblical way, and that is how to evangelize. We cannot improve on it. Whether we speak to a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist,…

Buddhism: A Quick outline on the Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths are the essence of the Buddhadharma, and a converging point upon which nearly all schools of Buddhism are generally united. Comprised essentially of four words, the Four Noble Truths spell out a comprehensive assessment of the human condition and a schema for deliverance from its maladaptive incarnations.


天地向上帝鞠躬。时间在祂的权柄之下。一切都属于祂。诗篇24:1 ESV 宣告说:“地和地上所充满的,世界和住在世上的,都是属于耶和华的。


A wide collection of various topics on Hinduism. Included upon subscription if a rage library of books and articles on the religion

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