It is true that when a pessimist’s life is threatened he behaves like other men; his impulse to preserve life is stronger than his judgement that life is not worth preserving.

But how does this prove that the judgement was insincere or even erroneous?

A man’s judgement that whisky is bad for him is not invalidated by the fact that when the bottle is at his hands he finds desire stronger than reason and succumbs.

Having once tasted life, we are subjected to the impulse of self-preservation.

Life, in other words, is as habit-forming as cocaine. What then?

If I still held creation to be ‘a great injustice’ I should hold that this impulse to retain life aggravates the injustice.

If it is bad to be forced to drink the potion, how does it mend matters that the potion turns out to be an addiction drug?

Pessimism cannot be answered so. Thinking as I then thought about the universe, I was reasonable in condemning it.

At the same time I now see that my view was closely connected with a certain lopsidedness of temperament.

I had always been more violent in my negative than in my positive demands.

C.S. Lewis – Surprised by Joy

The reality of life is overwhelming and suffocating, till the point that everything seems pointless. We live within a spiral of choices and decisions that may or may not provide the lust of self pleasures. Pleasures that either sooth our souls or stimulate our flesh but either way are momentary and forgotten.

Nevertheless, when these decisions are confronted, we never seem to look further than the need to satisfy that unquenchable need for pleasure. However, that is the essence of the human physic. Is there more to this existence than that pursuit of ‘summum bonum

Immanuel Kant famously argued the pursuit ‘summum bonum’ of humanity is the innate desire to achieve the highest good within a framework of a moral law kept in complete harmony and never violated. This is the pursuit of humanit.

Seeking to achieve the goals in their lives but these goals must be bound within a framework that puts God in the center of it. Without God and an absolute moral law we can easily fooled into allowing ourselves outside these boundaries that violate the sanctity of our fellow brother an sisters. It is within these boundaries that provide us the security to live our lives accordingly and to prevent us from violating others. 

Unless, we are truly seeking a path of spiritual well being, can we put aside our biases and find these answers. The world strives forward in a blinding ignorance of its true beginnings. Science has proven without any doubt the creation narrative is only possible outside our reality. We create new worldviews that satisfy our insatiable needs. There is no worldview that reveals the true nature of our brokenness and the need of salvation. There is no worldview where our salvation is given through its creator.

Believe everything wished but believe in the logic of the reality that has been revealed NOT by our own human desires to be god.

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