What is Truth? This is the question that has plagued humanity since our very existence. We seem disoriented and lost as we struggle through life, seeking answers to our purpose and meaning to life. Is this all there is to life? We look at the world around us, and we fall within its subjective standards of what life is all about. Always dictated into believing that we exist none other than what is brought on our plates, and we accept what is palatable to our plates and disregard everything that does not fit our norms. Never actually realizing that we are being moulded into automatons of society. Society has a mean and way to dilute our senses into accepting our surrounding stimulus when in actuality, we are subjectively lead on a predestined path.

Even a simple advertisement seeks to stimulate our subconsciousness to relate products to a seductive enticing stimulus that advocates the association of pleasure with a corporate identity. We see adverts filled with sceneries, scantly dressed women and many immoral tags that deceive us into seeking these items, which are associated with pleasures of the flesh. How many of us really can afford multi-million dollar homes or holidays, or even walking down a street with beautifully scantly dressed women, but the seed was planted in our subconscious. That seed provides a blind association to an item that you would never associate pleasure with. So, where is the truth?

All around us, we are lead like animals into slaughterhouses of psychological programs that only seek your loyalty as a consumer but never offering anything in return accept the self-assurance that you are apart of the elite unseen crowd that only exist within your mind. You will never see the reality that you are nowhere close to achieving that other than what you perceive yourself to accept.

The reality of our conscious state has been moulded into our desires to believe what we want. Whatever that does not fit our perception of the truth is discarded as a lie. This is evident in the masses who are fooled into believing ideologies and doctrines that only feed our materialistic desires and wants.

How do you find answers? The challenge is daunting and seems immeasurable. So it seems. The problem is within us. We have been so numbed to the reality of our inner self that our whole subconscious state is focused on the external. The irony of it all is that we have sold our souls to the world, and it is idealistic temptations that tantalize our senses that we have lost the one thing sacred to our very existence. We have lost our intrinsic values. Values that make us distinct and unique from everyone else. The diverse inner culture gives us our true essence and freedom.

The question is, how we find it again? However, is it really lost. I say it is not. The subjugation of our inner self is a never-ending process by those who wish to rule over you that they will never relent. Our senses will be bombarded maliciously, never allowing you any chance to know differently. A lull in that onslaught is inadmissible as it allows us that solitude and time to refocus in that time out.

If you are reading this, then take that precious moment, ask yourself if your life is headed along a path that makes sense. Does everything give meaning and a direction, or is it just a continuous readjustment to meet the latest and newest craze or goal? Meaningless and ever-changing is your ride on a wild roller coaster of life. Ups and downs, lefts and rights, round and round in a dizzy meaningless ride. Maybe its time to put yourself on the right track and enjoy the scenery of life as you ride along.

We fool ourselves into momentary pleasures and always seeking a new high. Wouldn’t it be less strenuous to fix yourself a journey that is far more enriching, enjoyable, pleasing and ultimately safer and allows you the freedom to create memories and pleasure that last a lifetime.

We need to detach ourselves and ask four major questions about ourselves before we apply the test for its authenticity. Each area will require the test of ‘truth’ and how it fits within our framework. There is no point in proposing ideas and concepts that meet an academic standard. We are not interested in meeting the standards dictated by a secular world but we will seek answers that bring meaning within ourselves.

We will cover 4 main topics. Origin, Purpose, Morals and Destiny in separate articles. I hope you will join me on this journey.

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