Seeking Tolerance in a Intolerant World

We are all bound by our mortal state. Our lives are surrounded by choices of a world that isolates us into masses that provides no value to the individual. We have been groomed into obedient automatons that have been moulded by decades of misguided proponents of freedom. When looking at the West, we see a confused state of philosophical thought that enhances the rights of individuals, which has ended up in a misconstrued belief that the rights of individuals outweigh the rights of others. Racial disharmony and unbalanced economic disparity have led many to conclude that these issues violate their intrinsic rights unwittingly.

Their lifestyles of incompetent behaviour plunge them into a downward spiral of do nothing. Doing nothing in expectation of everything. It is an insane psychological mindset of misguided upbringing by professed intellectuals that beat the drums of freedom. Higher learning institutions are tainted by intellectuals whose only goal is to entrench the rights of individual rights of young minds. Many fall into this qazi utopia of rhetoric that fuels their innate to fix the world. It is a generation lost by self-righteous thinkers whose only goals are to infuse radical thinking into a generation of truth-seeking young minds.

Where has it gone wrong? They are supposed to remove their rights that are entrenched in their secular laws, including God. There is a serious problem when people are so caught up in their rights that they forget those around them. Tolerance is the key to your right to proclaim, as it is the rights of others to proclaim their views even if you disagree with them. The logic of their motive of individual rights is only comprehensible when their rights matter more than others. It would ok to take away the rights of others as long as yours are not violated.

These where we have lost our objectivity. We set the standards of our absolutes that are anchored in our valuation of self. We forget there is a far greater Absolute than our self which provides the promised freedoms of oneself as well, even to those you disagree. You prove yourself wrong by violating the rights of others while demanding yours. Beware how we take our next step. We already live in a world that blinds our intrinsic values created in the image and likeness of our Creator. The world has moved forward at a staggering pace, and machines are beginning to take over our lives. Are we so advanced that we believe we are capable of moving forward with it?
The reality is No. The human mind has not developed in the manner we think it has. The mind and soul are no better than the first time we made fire. Stop for a moment and assess the reality of our actions today and look back 100 years, or 1000, or as far back as recorded history. The only difference then and now is the speed of information we are bombarded with. Disasters, killings, pandemics, wars flood into our consciousness, and we have become numb. We look at death as an afterthought. We feed our senses with the suffering and dying in real-time.

Do you seriously believe we are intellectually more advance as a human race from that spark in our past? How many of you have shed a tear when you watch the news of children killed or dying. Even if we do, even before our tears dry up, we have forgotten and has become an afterthought. What am I rambling about? All I am saying is for us to stop and take a breath and look around us. Rather than demanding what others should do, maybe it is time to ask what you can do. Not confront or demand but to do. Do. Get up. Help that child. Help that family. Help those oppressed. Give them hope. The only way we can motivate ourselves is to acknowledge our faults. Our weak state and maybe it time to come to terms with them. Seek a reference point that drives us to account for our weaknesses.
Seek a reference point that has been consistent and unwavering, and his laws and covenants provide freedom within a moral boundary.

How shall I call upon my God, my God and my Lord, since, in truth, when I call upon him, I call him into myself? What place is there within me where my God can come? How can God come into me, God who made heaven and earth? O Lord my God, is there anything in me that can contain you? In truth, can heaven and earth, which you have made and in which you have made me, contain you? Or because without you whatever is would not be, does it hold that whatever exists contains you? Since I do indeed exist, and yet would not be unless you were in me, why do I beg that you come to me? I am not now in hell, yet you are even there. For “if I descend into hell, you are present.” Therefore, my God, I would not be, I would in no wise be, unless you were in me. Or rather, I would not be unless I were in you, “from whom, by whom, and in whom are all things.” Even so, O Lord, even so. To what place do I call you, since I am in you? Or from what place can you come to me? Where can I go beyond heaven and earth, so that there you may come to me, my God, who have said, “I fill heaven and earth?” – Augustine of Hippo


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